iG: 'Five will take their leave.'

General Dexter “kurtcos” F

In an ominous forecast by 820 during an interview at WDC, the man remarked that big changes would hit the Chinese scene after the big tournament. The first of which already has - chisbug and Snoy have given the nod towards rumors of a merger; iG.Y and iG.Z will become one.

Shortly after news was released that the top four teams at WDC were to attend SMM, iG.Z were seemingly left out of the draw. However, Zhou later expressed that he would be making an appearance at SMM, leading to an explosion of rumors regarding the merger of the two iG teams. This meant five had to leave.

Current Speculations
Staying [?]Leaving [?]
China YYFChina SanSheng
China ZhouChina Ch
China 430China Awoke
Malaysia ChuanChina 830
China FaithChina benz

Speculations are already rife with which players will make the cut and which players will be forced to leave. An official confirmation is expected from the Invictus Gaming organisation in the following weeks. Stay tuned.

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