EG and Orange join G-League Season 3

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It's official. Na'Vi and EG have been invited to participate in China's most prestigious offline national tournament. The third season of G-League will feature two international teams this time and after a series of voting, Na'Vi and EG have qualified for the offline finals beginning 25th of November.

International Team Voting
1Ukraine Na'Vi100
2United States EG73
3Singapore MYM67
4Malaysia Orange33
5Thailand Trust27

The teams will now have to confirm their participation for the tournament which will be held offline in China. The first round of semifinals will run from 25th to 26th of November with the Grand Finals held in January. Na'Vi and EG will compete alongside eight Chinese teams, including last season's finalists DK and WE.

As usual, G-League's prize purse this season will surely turn heads as the grand finals will walk away with more than $30,000 (200,000 RMB) in cash. Should Na'Vi or EG forfeit their place, one can be certain that the remaining three international teams will be clamoring to fill the vacant spot.

G-League Season 3
Participating Teams
China DKChina WE
China TongFuChina iG.Z
China PanDaChina
China DT.LoveChina LGD
Malaysia OrangeUnited States EG

Na'Vi will miss out on G-League due to XBOCT's exams. Replacement has been found to be Orange from Malaysia (see).

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