MUFC claim double-WCG Asian Championship title

General Ulrich “KongoTime” Hanten

Malaysian WCG representatives MUFC bring a WCG-double title in DotA and Dota 2 back to their home country. After fighting through a twelve-team group stage and single elimination playoffs in both disciplines, where household names along the likes of EHOME and Mineski were defeated, this year's Asian Cyber Games could not have found a more deserving champion.

Before the triumph in both finals was achieved, MUFC emerged victorious from a group stage in which the Vietnamese SkyNet and the Mongolian Lof had been schooled. Having finished on top of the chart in both DotA and Dota 2, the playoff draw paired the Malaysians with second place finisher Virtuosity from group B.

The Pakistanis, who passed their division despite only attending with four players at the event, eventually had to quit the field against a team who did not spare anybody in the following rounds either. Not only VelocyHyper and Mineski, but also EHOME had to resign and acknowledge the Malaysians' power.

Having passed all challenges, MUFC end up on top in both tournaments earning $6,000 in total. Mineski, who also made the top-three twice, take home 3,000$ and EHOME fell disappointingly short in expectations with one third place in Dota 2.

1st Place - Malaysia MUFC ($ 3,000)
2nd Place - Indonesia Velocy ($ 2,000)
3rd Place - Philippines Mineski ($ 1,000)

Dota 2:
1st Place - Malaysia MUFC ($ 3,000)
2nd Place - Philippines Mineski ($ 2,000)
3rd Place - China EHOME ($ 1,000)

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