WDC Day 3: Frostmourne pulled out of Wuhan's stones

General Ulrich “KongoTime” Hanten

The World DotA Championship found a new champion in DK, who continue to reisde on top of the DotA-world. The winners of G-League season two and GK-Cup have now struck a third time, clearing their way to the throne of Wuhan, cashing-in 160,000 RMB (~18,600€) and lifting their trophies up in the air.

Game 1

China PanDa - China DK
Ancient Apparition Lycanthrope Nerubian Weaver Venomancer Witch Doctor vs Windrunner Prophet Faceless Void Batrider Vengeful Spirit

Game one of the massively delayed grand final could have not gone a more onesided way. The perfectly harmonized quintet that is DK delivered textbook DotA at it's finest, taking out PanDa's heroes in perfectly coordinated ganks with an easiness that is yet to be matched. Key actor in the performance was Longdd on Prophet, who initiated the action most of the time. It has also been a long time since a Faceless Void put himself in such a good synergy with the rest of the team, placing ultimates that did not catch an allied hero once throughout the entire game. Not much was seen from PanDa until the resignation call, that fell after a good thirty minutes. The underdogs found themselves in urgent need to step up if a repetition of the last half an hour wanted to be avoided.

Game 2

China DK - China PanDa
Windrunner Holy Knight Broodmother Obsidian Destroyer Vengeful Spirit vs Nerubian Weaver Lich Clockwerk Prophet Tinker

And so it should happen after a break of 15 minutes which both teams spent gathering strength and focus for the potentially last match of the tournament. This time PanDa presented themselves a lot more coordinated and showed the cleverness required to capitalize on the suprisingly inattentive plays that DK showed during parts of the game. As a result of the first 20 minutes the gold-distribution was a lot closer with either side getting even pieces of the cake. DK however compiled a stronger pushing lineup than last time and saw the mid-game as their phase to take initiative. A timeframe where PanDa was in deeper need to mobilize resistance than ever, but was eventually unable to. As DK capitalized on single pick offs of opposing heroes, an opportunity to go up the high ground of the scourge base was quickly found and taken. Eventually, the buildings fell as fast as in the first game, though with a better PanDa fighting against the loss.

The WDC title of 2011 will make DK 160,000 RMB (~18,600€) richer, wheras PanDa have to leave Wuhan with a bitter-seeming 30,000 RMB (~ 3,500€). The full ranking of the tournament is:

1st Place: China DK - 160,000 RMB
2nd Place: China PanDa - 30,000 RMB
3rd Place: China iG.Y - 20,000 RMB
4th Place: China Nirvana.cn - 10,000 RMB