DK take their fifth title at G-1 for $4,700

General Dexter “kurtcos” F

The road has ended for both DK and who played spectacularly at the G-1 Champions League eSports tournament tonight. It was a tense finish which saw both teams dragging the grand finals to its bitter end - DK eventually emerged 2:1 victorious, taking home 30,000 RMB ($4,700) and a fifth consecutive title.

Game 1
China Nv.cnChina DK
Faerie Dragon Clockwerk Goblin Prophet Crystal Maiden Faceless VoidLycanthrope Broodmother Vengeful Spirit Venomancer Obsidian Destroyer made their stand early on in the best of three match. With a unique team fight lineup of Puck, Faceless Void and Clockwerk Goblin on the sentinel side, DK were unable to counter Seaking's farmed Void even on the back of three carries. Most notably, a solid performance by KingJ's Puck turned the tides in a couple of battles as well as stole a few epic kills.

Game 2
China DKChina
Earthshaker Nerubian Weaver Broodmother Vengeful Spirit Storm SpiritAncient Apparition Clockwerk Goblin Lone Druid Crystal Maiden Chaos Knight

DK consolidated after game 1 and despite an out-of-the-blue Chaos Knight pick, the latter was unable to contribute much to during fights and eventually saw the second game taken over by Yueru's Storm Spirit and Zippo's Earthshaker.

Game 3
China Nv.cnChina DK
Windrunner Oblivion Broodmother Witch Doctor NecrolyteLone Druid Vengeful Spirit Dark Seer Venomancer Ancient Apparition

As it all came down to game 3, both sides understood what was at stake. It came down to a remarkable 4-3 kill score after twenty minutes as both teams danced across the map hoping the other would slip. Tower trades were defensively played as tried their best to prevent Burning from reaching an early Radiance.

Nonetheless, DK sensed their advantage the minute Lone Druid farmed his Radiance and engaged in consecutive team pushes. A middle barracks attempt went almost uncontested as they fell down in less than sixty seconds due to Syllabear and xB's Dark Seer who wielded an Aghanim's Scepter.

After thirty odd minutes and a final push into the top barracks, issued the GG. A team fight which went DK's way sealed their fate as G-1 Champions. Buybacks from the sentinel side could no longer stop the push.

Final Standings
First PlaceChina DK30,000 RMB ($4,700)
Second PlaceChina Nirvana.cn20,000 RMB ($3,100)
Third PlaceChina PanDa10,000 RMB ($1,500)
Fourth PlaceChina WE5,000 RMB ($800)

And there you have it - your last glimpse of Chinese DotA before an international showdown of epic proportions which kicks off this Friday, November 11. The current winnings for DK amount 285,000 RMB ($45,000). Will DK repeat their dominance at this year's World DotA Championships?