'We're really looking forward to our first championship win this year.'

General Dexter “kurtcos” F
WE at GK Cup.

WE performed unbelievably well at G-League where they reached the grand finals while repeating their brilliance again at GK Cup, where they placed ahead of teams such as iG.Z and LGD. The only original member since the formation of World Elite, Sylar a.k.a. 1220 has been the solid foundation for WE's recent successes. A reporter from DotA 178 speaks to the WE carry player after the conclusion of GK.

Why don't you introduce the team?
-"Hi everybody, I'm Sylar from Team WE. My present ID is 1220, and my team consists of Fnty, Chan (Veronica), Mofi and Li."

At last week's GK Cup, your team was viewed as the underdogs yet you managed to attain a third placing. How do you feel about this?
-"Yup, indeed WE wasn't doing well and faced a couple of problems. However, under the guidance of our managers we were able to find our own rhythm soon enough. I guess you could said that we were really lucky this time.

Furthermore, during our match against iG.Y on the second day, the support that we received from 2009 and 820 boosted our performance tremendously - we were lucky to have won third place at GK Cup."

What are your thoughts on the gaming equipment your sponsors provide you with?
-"I have been in WE for quite some time now, and we have been using this gear starting from WCG. Since King recommended this brand, it must have come from a good place. From my experience playing with it, the mouse is really good and easy to use, and the membrane keyboard suits me rather well. Overall, I'm quite satisfied with this gear."

Tell us about your future plans.
-"I guess the next competition would be WDC. Although we currently do not have a slot in the competition, I'm still not sure whether the organizing committee will decide to create a last minute vacancy should one of the international teams fail to turn up.

Anyway, next up would be the weekly Stars War event where we'll turn up every Friday to play, and lastly, I guess there's the year-end SMM and ECL. We're really looking forward to our first championship win this year."

Any last words?
-"We've been playing as a team for three months now, and we haven't won a championship title yet. Nevertheless, thank you for your all your support and encouragement, and we'll work hard to earn the championship title we so sorely deserve! Lastly, I would also like to thank our sponsors for their unwavering support."

China 1220 (Sylar)
China Chan (Veronica)
China Fnty
China Mofi
China Li

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