DK win $12,600 at GK Cup

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers
DK's win was steeped in hard work and preparation.

After three days of intense competition, DK continues their undefeated streak from day two and emerged champions of the GK Invitationals Cup. With this victory, they claim their fourth title in a row while bagging a sweet $12,600 in cash. Can anybody stop them now?

Five matches spread over three days were all it took for DK to comfortably eliminate the best teams in China to come out top at GK. While iG.Y made a respectable comeback by taking down PanDa, iG.Z and WE in succession, they were ultimately no match for DK who held a one-game advantage coming from the winner's bracket (who even so, saw no need to drag it to a third).

Grand Finals
China iG.Y China DK
Earthshaker Lone Druid Shadow Demon
Windrunner Oblivion Holy Knight
Beastmaster Lycanthrope
Prophet Obsidian Destroyer
Lich Batrider
Faerie Dragon Vengeful SpiritNerubian Weaver
Broodmother Enigma
Crystal Maiden Storm Spirit
Invoker iG.Y_YYF
Vengeful Spirit iG.Y_830God
Faerie Dragon iG.Y_Chisbug
Broodmother iG.Y_ChuaN
Enigma iG.Y_Benz
Lich DK_Zippo
Batrider DK_rotK
Nerubian Weaver DK_BurninG
Crystal Maiden DK_LongDD
Storm Spirit DK_Yueru

Just as iG.Y was perceived by Burning to be DK's strongest competitor (see), the Grand Finals match was an even affair as both sides were able to swing team fights in their favor. Ultimately, it was DK who had better control over the fights after twenty minutes as they massed Black King Bars on their heroes, leaving Puck and Invoker seemingly useless in team fights.

Both sides also spared no expense in trashtalking, with the teams' providing vociferous overlays during battles which even had the commentators (2009 and 820) telling them to calm down at one point.

With this win, DK claim their fourth and set their eyes on next month's WDC which will run from November 11 to 13. Their current winning streak amounts to 255,000 RMB ($40,300).

Final Standings
First PlaceChina DK80,000 RMB ($12,600)
Second PlaceChina iG.Y30,000 RMB ($4,700)
Third PlaceChina WE10,000 RMB ($1,500)

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