xB apologizes for 'flaming' controversy at GK

General Dexter “kurtcos” F

Known for being a verbal spitfire at offline events, DK's xB was denounced by online netizens after they caught on to an incident which transpired between DK and PanDa during their round two winner's bracket match. Amidst the controversy, xB has offered his apologies to the individuals and parties involved.

China DK.rotK_xB

"During the recently concluded DK vs Panda match, Yueru and I verbally mocked the opposing team and in doing so said something along the lines of 'Why the f**k did you run away?'

Here I would like to extend my apologies to the members from Panda as well as the organizers. I've been flaming for quite some time now, and this time I went overboard. Panda is also another verbally aggressive team and when we played our match, things got really intense.

I believe that flaming is something offline tournaments cannot escape, and I hope the fans will be more understanding and forgiving. Thank you."

In response to the controversy, PanDa's leader Efeng has also expressed on Microblog that targeted flaming has no value, or at least no positive value, at offline tournaments:

China PanDa.Efeng

"When you guys [DK] needed votes to get back in the run for WDC, we helped you out. When you guys needed a team to train with, we helped you out. Now that we finally encounter one another at an offline tournament, you decide to thank us by throwing vulgarities?

I can look past your flaming or even how loudly it was done, but was there a need to be crude? I'm not angry about this, just upset."

Shortly after xB's statement on his Microblog, DK's captain Burning decided it was necessary to offer his opinion on the matter as well:

China DK.Burning

"His [xB] attitude was still restrained, and while I feel there's nothing wrong with flaming, you have to draw the line and respect it. At this point I would like to ask for everyone's forgiveness - it was the folly of a young-spirited, naive gamer."

Part of the debate that stemmed from this incident was actually over whether there was a need to flame your opponents or mock them out loud at offline tournaments. While DK may have successfully defeated PanDa after the match, Chinese netizens have questioned whether xB's vulgarity may have affected his opponents' state of mind, while others have passed it off as part and parcel of offline tournaments, or even that they make them more interesting to watch.

Perhaps respecting one's opponents has indeed become an underrated value in [Chinese] eSports, yet if the harm is merely perceived, does it still make the act wrong? Proper etiquette has seemingly faded as a rule of thumb in eSports, perhaps due to the difficulty of regulation. Both sides have argued from reason and such incidents may just be locked in the moment.

DK will play their winner's bracket finals against WE tomorrow. Only time will tell whether more drama will spring up.

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