NASL Season 2: Week 2

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New rosters and an exciting series between Infused Tt eSPORTS and Lions eSportklubb defined Week 2 of the NASL.

It was another exciting week of NASL matches, with more separation forming in the team standings and four undefeated teams from Week 1 getting narrowed down to two. Some big-name players appeared on their "new" teams for the first time in NASL: [Infs] Peterpandam, [LION] Era, and three members of tdM. Game 2 between Infused Tt eSPORTS and Lions eSportklubb may have been the most exciting game of the season thus far, and we even saw NASL StarCraft II caster Andre "Gretorp" Hengchua do his best Phil "The Thrill" impression as co-caster for the OK vs. EZ match.

NASL Week 2 Results
UnitedStates compLexity Gaming1-2Europe FnaticMSI
UnitedStates Trademark eSports2-0Sweden Reason Gaming
Europe Online Kingdom0-2UnitedStates Team EZ
Europe Infused Tt eSPORTS2-1Sweden Lions eSportklubb

Trademark eSports and Team EZ dominated their matches to stay undefeated, while FnaticMSI and Infused Tt eSPORTS picked up their first wins of the season. EZ took a rather one-sided victory over OK in what seemed would be a great match-up, but Infs vs. LION stood out as the series to watch.

UnitedStates compLexity Gaming vs. Europe FnaticMSI

Game 1
Europe FnaticMSIUnitedStates compLexity Gaming
Bans (Legion first)
Magmus Torturer Andromeda Hellbringer
Kraken Rhapsody PlagueRider Silhouette
Tempest / GlaciusTundra / PharoahElectricianNymphoraDementedShaman / PollywogPriestZephyr / Pebbles

In Game 1, compLexity's Pollywog Priest was outmatched in the bottom lane and suffered some early deaths. MSI was relentless in their tower pushing, and a huge ultimate from Tempest at 20 minutes gave Electrician a Hat Trick. The Europeans held on to a large lead in hero kills, and a push for the top barracks forced a concede from compLexity.

Game 2
UnitedStates compLexity GamingEurope FnaticMSI
Bans (Legion first)
Kraken Tempest Silhouette Nymphora
PlagueRider Tundra Hellbringer Pharoah
Rhapsody / ValkyrieZephyr / DementedShamanMagmusTorturerPebbles / SlitherPestilence / Amun-Ra

CompLexity ran the powerful Zephyr and Rhapsody combination for Game 2, but, surprisingly, it was [coL] se`busca on Magmus who dominated the game. He terrorized Amun-Ra in the lane and reached almost 500 GPM, while MSI's Pestilence was too far behind and Slither was uncharacteristically being used as a hard support. MSI was quick to concede at 25 minutes.

Game 3
UnitedStates compLexity GamingEurope FnaticMSI
Bans (Legion first)
Kraken Pharoah Tempest Nymphora
Magmus PlagueRider Zephyr Torturer
Tundra / DementedShamanSilhouette / AccursedAmun-RaHellbringerRhapsody / Electrician968228cdd6510c451e22dd4837f8a7525648e50c97ec4f23e8784b21ed.png / Balphagore

As one would expect from MSI's heavy push team, they took down four towers and killed Kongor in the first 16 minutes. The game slowed down after that, as MSI was content with waiting for more Kongor kills and keeping compLexity confined to their side of the map. Finally at 50 minutes, a 3-for-0 fight in favor of MSI allowed them to breach the Legion base and take the win.

UnitedStates Trademark eSports vs. Sweden Reason Gaming

Game 1
UnitedStates Trademark eSportsSweden Reason Gaming
Bans (Hellbourne first)
Wildsoul PlagueRider 7466b4c8cc4cac27f41e236fe6f40444f1437d37a96aeb7550838a1ca3.png Rhapsody
CorruptedDisciple Ophelia Tempest Silhouette
TorturerTundra / NymphoraMagmus / KotFKraken / PollywogPriestGlacius / BehemothFB

Trademark's Magmus farmed a very fast Portal Key, but Flint Beastwood was also farming steadily. Some excellent Nymphora ultimates pulled tdM ahead, kill by kill. Eventually, Reason was reduced to being held hostage in their own base, and succumbed to Mega Creeps.

Game 2
Sweden Reason GamingUnitedStates Trademark eSports
Bans (Legion first)
Ophelia CorruptedDisciple Silhouette Tempest
7466b4c8cc4cac27f41e236fe6f40444f1437d37a96aeb7550838a1ca3.png Wildsoul PlagueRider Rhapsody
Glacius / PollywogPriestVoodooJester / SlitherBalphagoreTundraTorturer / NymphoraMagmus / 968228cdd6510c451e22dd4837f8a7525648e50c97ec4f23e8784b21ed.png

Trademark picked almost the same lineup that they had in Game 1 with Master Of Arms instead of Keeper of the Forest, while Reason went for an all-out push team. In fact, it was Trademark who did most of the pushing, and Reason seemed to have very little chance of winning with their lineup as the game went on. Finally, a Genocide at 35 minutes spelled defeat for Reason. Trademark picked up their first win of the season in convincing fashion, and looked much stronger as tdM than they did with their sGty lineup.

Europe Online Kingdom vs. UnitedStates Team EZ

Game 1
UnitedStates Team EZEurope Online Kingdom
Bans (Legion first)
Hellbringer Kraken Bubbles Torturer
Tempest PlagueRider Tundra Silhouette
PollywogPriest / MagmusParasite / PharoahFBElectricianNymphora / CorruptedDisciplePebbles / Andromeda

Fueled by two early Portal Keys and Pharaoh's ultimate, EZ ganked aggressively and seized hold of the game in the first 15 minutes. Online Kingdom did not look up to their usual form, making several huge mistakes, and conceded by the 23-minute mark.

Game 2
Europe Online KingdomUnitedStates Team EZ
Bans (Legion first)
Tempest Parasite PollywogPriest Tundra
PlagueRider Bubbles Hellbringer Kraken
Ophelia / ElectricianJeraziah / DementedShamanCorruptedDiscipleTorturerRhapsody / SoulstealerMagmus / Fayde

Game 2 seemed like it was constant back-and-forth action, with OK having a ton of healing and both teams trading their invulnerability ultimates. It started off even, but EZ began to slowly pull ahead with Soulstealer leading in gold and experience. Jeraziah was just not that effective as the game went on and Corrupted Disciple was underfarmed, and so OK conceded after 27 minutes.

Europe Infused Tt eSPORTS vs. Sweden Lions eSportklubb

Game 1
Europe Infused Tt eSPORTSSweden Lions eSportklubb
Bans (Legion first)
Parasite Silhouette Rhapsody Nymphora
Ophelia PlagueRider Torturer Wildsoul
Hellbringer / TundraCorruptedDisciple / KotFDementedShamanKrakenMagmus / MyrmidonAluna / Pharoah

This was the first week seeing [Infs] Peterpandam and [LION] Era on their respective teams, and both players looked to play big roles. Lions started off fast in Game 1 with six unanswered kills, but Infused wouldn't be defeated that easily. A turning point came when Infused contested Lions' Kongor attempt, winning the teamfight and claiming the Token of Life for themselves. Corrupted Disciple started to take over the late-game, and a 43-minute concede gave Infused the win.

Game 2
Sweden Lions eSportklubbEurope Infused Tt eSPORTS
Bans (Legion first)
KotF Tempest Wildsoul Ophelia
Parasite Rhapsody Silhouette PlagueRider
Torturer / CorruptedDiscipleMagmus / PebblesNymphoraHellbringerKraken / PollywogPriestDementedShaman / Myrmidon

If there is any one reason to watch NASL, this match was it. The two teams stayed virtually neck-and-neck through 30 minutes, as did [LION] Era and [Infs] Peterpandam as the teams' carries. Both teams committed to pushes at 43 minutes, and it looked like a "base race" situation - until Infused bought Homecoming Stones from the enemy base and scrolled back to defend after already losing their middle barracks. Infused had a slight lead, but had to be careful about pushing out of their base, wary of Nymphora's ability to threaten the Hellbourne shrine at any moment. The fights came down to buybacks and whether or not Corrupted Disciple or Kraken could survive to push and end the game, and once Kraken was killed with 0 buybacks left, Lions took the narrow victory after 66 minutes of play.

Game 3
Sweden Lions eSportklubbEurope Infused Tt eSPORTS
Bans (Legion first)
DementedShaman KotF Ophelia Wildsoul
Parasite PlagueRider Nymphora CorruptedDisciple
Kraken / RhapsodyTempest / SilhouetteTundraTorturerHellbringer / PharoahBehemoth / DR

Infused was successful at executing a surprising Level 1 Kongor kill, and equally surprising was Doctor Repulsor jungling until he hit Level 6. Although he got off to a slow start, Hellbringer was earning well over 400 GPM and farmed a quick Sheepstick. Infused went for Kongor again at 23 minutes, forcing Lions to try to contest it to no avail. After a Genocide and a Restoration Stone for Hellbringer, Infused was able to easily push for the win at 32 minutes.

Standings & Week 3 schedule

NASL Season Standings
T-1stUnitedStates Team EZ2 - 0+ 4
T-1stUnitedStates Trademark eSports2 - 0+ 4
T-3rdEurope Online Kingdom1 - 10
T-3rdSweden Reason Gaming1 - 10
T-5thEurope FnaticMSI1 - 1- 1
T-5thEurope Infused Tt eSPORTS1 - 1- 1
T-7thUnitedStates compLexity Gaming0 - 2- 3
T-7thSweden Lions eSportklubb0 - 2- 3

NASL Week 3 Schedule
BroadcastMatchEU Rebroadcast
Oct. 278:41pm PSTcoL vs. ReaOct. 289:41pm CET
Oct. 287:37pm PSTtdM vs. MSIOct. 298:37pm CET
Oct. 299:26pm PSTOK vs. LIONOct. 309:26pm CET
Oct. 308:03pm PSTInfs vs. EZOct. 318:03pm CET

Week 3 is already underway! Don't miss out on these exciting matches as the team standings start to take shape.

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