ESWC 2011 - viewer's guide

General Ulrich “KongoTime” Hanten
We bring you a complete schedule of ESWC's Dota 2 tournament. Sunday and Monday will each see one group finishing, before the best four teams gather on Tuesday for the playoffs. The group stage semi final rounds are held in best of one, the grand final round in best of three manner.

(Times are in CET)
Saturday, February 11TimeGosuBet
Indonesia VelocyvsMalaysia ReD06:00GOSUBET
Philippines MineskivsThailand iDeal06:00GOSUBET
Indonesia eNcyvsMalaysia Orange06:00GOSUBET
Singapore AeonvsThailand Neolution06:00GOSUBET
Brunei RedSpadevsPhilippines iZone12506:00GOSUBET
Thailand TrustvsVietnam SkyNet06:00GOSUBET
Myanmar G7vsPhilippines XctN06:00GOSUBET
Malaysia MYMvsVietnam StarsBoba06:00GOSUBET
Monday, October 24Group 2TimeStream
Malaysia Orange eSportsvsSweden BX3 (Rangers)09:30joinDOTA
Kazakstan NEXT.kzvsSerbia GamersLeague09:30
Ukraine Natus VincerevsOther TBD09:30
Sweden BX3 (Rangers)vsUkraine Natus Vincere11:30joinDOTA
Serbia GamersLeaguevsMalaysia Orange eSports11:30
Kazakstan NEXT.kzvsOther TBD11:30
Ukraine Natus VincerevsSerbia GamersLeague13:30
Malaysia Orange eSportsvsKazakstan NEXT.kz13:30joinDOTA
Other TBDvsSweden BX3 (Rangers)13:30
Kazakstan NEXT.kzvsUkraine Natus Vincere 15:30joinDOTA
Serbia GamersLeaguevsSweden BX3 (Rangers) Clan15:30
Malaysia Orange eSportsvsOther TBD15:30
Ukraine Natus VincerevsMalaysia Orange eSports17:30joinDOTA
Sweden BX3 (Rangers)vsKazakstan NEXT.kz17:30
Other TBDvsSerbia GamersLeague17:30
Tuesday, October 25PlayoffsTimeStream
Other Group A1vsOther Group B209:30TBD
Other Group A2vsOther Group B109:30TBD
Other TBD3rd PlaceOther TBD11:30
Other TBDGrand FinalOther TBD11:30joinDOTA