G-League Season 2 has a winner

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers

After a full five hours of competition, the final call of "GG" was issued as WE forfeited the championship over to DK. At 15:30 CET, DK were officially champions of G-League Season 2, and they take home a well-deserved 150,000 RMB ($23,500).


However, World Elite should be duly commended for their performance at the Grand Finals, dragging each of the four championship games past the forty-minute mark without a clear sign of a victor. As the underdogs of the competition, they have definitely proven themselves as a force to be reckoned with and future competitions may just see a new uprising of the WE boys under 820 and 2009.

G-League Grand Finals
Game 1
China WEChina DK
Invoker Windrunner Nerubian Weaver Pandaren Brewmaster Demon WitchShadow Demon Anti-Mage Lich Clockwerk Goblin Faerie Dragon
Game 2
China DKChina WE
Invoker Ancient Apparition Vengeful Spirit Witch Doctor Nerubian WeaverOblivion Beastmaster Spectre Windrunner Demon Witch
Game 3
China WEChina DK
Lich Beastmaster Vengeful Spirit Faerie Dragon Anti-MageBatrider Nerubian Weaver Shadow Demon Venomancer Witch Doctor
Game 4
China DKChina WE
Earthshaker Batrider Spectre Crystal Maiden Nerubian WeaverWindrunner Ancient Apparition Lycanthrope Vengeful Spirit Necrolyte

*Winners of each game are underlined.

Nevertheless, it was stunning resistance and outstanding team work that brought DK the victory, albeit in a tight and nail biting fashion. As soon as the last of the bottom barracks fell for WE, the DK players shot from their seat as a new champion(s) was crowned.

And given how hard they have all worked for it, what a bittersweet victory it was.

Final Standings
First PlaceChina DK150,000 RMB ($23,500)
Second PlaceChina WE10,000 RMB ($1,500)
Third/Fourth PlaceChina iG.Y/China DT10,000 RMB ($1,500)