Eighth team and broadcast schedule announced for NASL Season 2

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers
European squad Infused Tt eSports rounds out the list of teams that are competing in NASL Season 2.


UnitedKingdom Laurence "AstonL" Aston
Denmark Frederik "Buch" Petersen
Sweden Robin "FearTheZap" Anderberg
Sweden Daniel "CaptainBoner" Larsson
Sweden Tim "XoYnoZnU" Johansson
UnitedStates Peter "Peterpandam" Dager

Infused has gone through some roster changes since this graphic was made, adding TSoG's XoYnoZnU and Trademark's Peterpandam. They've had many near misses in past tournaments, finishing outside of the Top 3 in GosuCup HoN #1, ESL Major Series Season VIII, and the HoN Super Series. How will they perform with the new lineup?

With that announcement, we finally have the full list of teams and the complete broadcast schedule for NASL Season 2.

NASL Season 2 teams:
UnitedStates compLexity Gaming
Europe FnaticMSI
Sweden Reason Gaming
UnitedStates Trademark eSports
Europe Online Kingdom
Sweden Lions eSportklubb
UnitedStates Team EZ
Europe Infused Tt eSports

Show Match Schedule

10/6 - compLexity vs. Team EZ
10/7 - Reason Gaming vs. LION
10/8 - Infused vs. Trademak eSports
10/9 - Fnatic.MSI vs. Online Kingdom

Regular Season Week 1

10/13 - compLexity vs. Trademak eSports
10/14 - Fnatic.MSI vs. Reason Gaming
10/15 - Online Kingdom vs. Infused
10/16 - Team EZ vs. LION

Regular Season Week 2

10/20 - compLexity vs. Fnatic.MSI
10/21 - Trademark eSports vs. Reason Gaming
10/22 - Online Kingdom vs. Team EZ
10/23 - Infused vs. LION

Regular Season Week 3

10/27 - compLexity vs. Reason Gaming
10/28 - Trademark eSports vs. Fnatic.MSI
10/29 - Online Kingdom vs. LION
10/30 - Infused vs. Team EZ

Regular Season Week 4

11/3 - compLexity vs. Online Kingdom
11/4 - Trademark eSports vs. Infused
11/5 - Fnatic.MSI vs. Team EZ
11/6 - Reason Gaming vs. LION

Regular Season Week 5

11/10 - compLexity vs. Infused
11/11 - Trademark eSports vs. Team EZ
11/12 - Fnatic.MSI vs. LION
11/13 - Reason Gaming vs. Online Kingdom

Regular Season Week 6

11/17 - compLexity vs. Team EZ
11/18 - Trademark eSports vs. LION
11/19 - Fnatic.MSI vs. Online Kingdom
11/20 - Reason Gaming vs. Infused

Regular Season Week 7

11/24 - compLexity vs. LION
11/25 - Trademark eSports vs. Online Kingdom
11/26 - Fnatic.MSI vs. Infused
11/27 - Reason Gaming vs. Team EZ

NASL's first HoN broadcast is coming up soon at 4:37 AM CET / 7:37 PM PST (EU re-broadcast at 20:37 CET), when they kick things off with a preseason show.

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