ForGG returns to progaming, joins oGs roster

General Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev
Photo by: Liquipedia

The former BroodWar pro Ji-Soo "ForGG" Park (ex-KT Rolster) will be transitioning to StarCraft 2, finding new home in the oGs roster. ForGG returns to progaming after almost one year of inactivity.

Ji-Soo Park, who retired from BroodWar in December last year is the newest member of Old Generations as of September 29th. Although his list of BW achievements is humble, ForGG is famous for his MSL 2008 title, won over players like Flash and Jaedong.

Now that he has stepped on a new career path, Ji-Soo Park will drop his former ID and will compete under the nickname oGsFin.

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