DK crush iG.Y to take Wuxi Cup title

General Dexter “kurtcos” F

Considered Tier 2 at the start of the competition, DK have battled tremendous odds and outstanding competition to take first place at the Wuxi International eSports Champions Cup and 25,000 RMB ($4,000) in cash. Undefeated throughout the entire tournament, the Galacticos are back, and this time, stronger than ever.

As finalists coming from the winner's bracket, DK had a one game advantage and needed only one win over iG.Y to take the title. They did not disappoint. With a breathtaking display of early game dominance and team fight ability, they have proved to be strong contenders in the Chinese scene - and the iG teams look seemingly powerless to stop them.

Grand Finals
China DKChina iG.Y
Lone Druid Vengeful Spirit Holy Knight Dark Seer Storm SpiritWindrunner Tidehunter Nerubian Weaver Lycanthrope Venomancer

The first ten minutes of the game went incredibly in favor to DK, who took the scoreboard by storm on the back of LongDD's Chen. Virtually everywhere, LongDD was able to establish map control for the sentinel side as they controlled the forests and made sure Burning was able to get his items on his Lone Druid. Credit, however, should also be given to Storm who constantly pressured top lane with his ganks whenever he had a rune or otherwise.

As mid game approached and with the scoreboard fixed at 8-0 in favor of Sentinel, it seemed as if iG.Y's fates were sealed as the prospect of a championship, or even a third game, drifted further and further away from their grasp.

Their break came in the next two fights when Nerubian Weaver took to the battlefield with Lycanthrope. A fight which occurred at Sentinel's bottom tower resulted in a team wipe for DK with only one casualty on iG.Y's side. Weaver went rampant with his Shukuchi and Lycan with his Ultimate as DK found no control over the two heroes.

Yet, just as it seemed they were back in the game, a couple of mistimed Ravages by Tidehunter awarded the advantage back to Sentinel during a push into DK's middle barracks. They counter-pushed on the back of a Lone Druid and easily took down iG.Y's top barracks.

A desperate attempt to turn the tides occurred just before "GG" was called where a smoked Scourge roster tried to backstab DK as they were pushing into Scourge's bottom lane. However, DK anticipated the gank and turned to the Sentinel neutrals where a final clash took place. Three went down for the Scourge.

Without hesitation, iG.Y forfeited the title.

First PlaceChina DK25,000 RMB ($4,000)
Second PlaceChina iG.Y15,000 RMB ($2,400)
Third PlaceChina LGD10,000 RMB ($1,600)
Fourth to EighthChina iG.Z
China WE
China DT.Love
China DT^Club
2,000 RMB ($300)

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