DK are ACG China champions

General Dexter “kurtcos” F
DK after winning G-League Chengdu qualifiers

At 13:30 CET this afternoon, DK engaged in a best of five match to determine China's representative at this year's World Cyber Games' Asian Championship Games (ACG). In a flawless performance credited to the entire DK roster, the Chinese Galacticos took down OK.Nirvana in three straight games to clinch the title of ACG China.

Both teams have come a long way since the Grand Finals, where they met strong opponents such as LGD and iG.Z. However, that did not stop DK and from edging out LGD and iG.Z in best of one sets respectively. With this win, DK will stand to represent China this year at the regional finals.

Is this a sign of more things to come? Have DK finally found their rhythm? The future remains unwritten for the DK boys, but there is not a doubt that they are currently playing the best games of their time in DK.

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