Neural Parasite with yet another change

General Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

The most recent alterations to the game's balance are in the form of a second change to Infestor's "Neural Parasite" ability. It will again be able to target massive units but has his range reduced.

One week ago, Blizzard updated the patch notes for PTR Patch 1.4., making massive units like Thors, Archons, Colossi and BCs immune to the effect of neural parasite. As of the latest changes, however, the nerf has been adjusted to a decreased range from 9 to 7 instead.

We thank those of you who participated in the 1.4 PTR and appreciate your feedback regarding changes to the Infestor unit. In response to that feedback, we have chosen a different course of action regarding adjustment of Neural Parasite. Rather than preventing this ability from targeting Massive Units, the range of Neural Parasite will instead be reduced from 9 to 7. We believe that this change will make choices regarding positioning and unit composition more important when using the Infestor.

This change will not be reflected on the PTR, but we wanted to ensure that you were aware of the new changes before the StarCraft II Patch 1.4 is live.

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