Polt leaves Team Prime

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 14 September 2011 13:49
Photo by: PlayXP

OptimusPrime, or Polt as he was formerly known, is leaving his team in order to "bring new change". Polt will operate as an independent contender come the new season of GSL.

The news come from OrangeMilkis' twitter and a post by Junkka translated and posted on

Junkka: The Super Tournament Champion [Optimus] will leave OptimusPrime behind and return to Polt.

Prime coach, [GerrardPrime] announed on 14th that [Optimus] is leaving Prime and will act as an indepedant player.

[Optimus] has been consistently participating GSL since Open Season 1, and won first chapionship for Prime in LG Cinema 3D Super Tournament and was presented the name OptimusPrime.

[Optimus] who's been in Prime for about a year, left the team expressing he wants changes and will act as an independant player.

Prime coach [Gerrard] said "I am thankful to [Optimus] who has been with Prime since Open Seasons, and as he's a player who is dilligent in everything, I have faith that he will continue to be competitive even after he leaves the team" and added “For now I have made this decision believing that respecting [Optimus]'s opinion is more beneficial, but I hope to keep good relationship withi him and have him back in Prime in the future"

As result [Optimus] will not be part of Prime in upcoming 2011 GSL Season 6 Code S which will hold group nomination on 15th.

Polt was the only Prime player to ever win a major gold medal, coming first at the GSL Super Tournament over MMA and thus named himself OptimusPrime. He will now go back to using his old nickname as he is leaving the team of which he has been part since its creation.

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