GOMTV Announces Arena of Legends Tournament

General Roy “Phantom” Kwan
GOMTV has announced the Arena of Legends (AOL) tournament that features the most popular players in the GSL.

The AOL tournament will be broadcasted every Saturday and Sunday starting on September 17th and ending on October 2nd. The casters for this event will be DoA, Wolf and Moletrap while the tournament itself will feature 12 of fan-favourite players.

Arena of Legends Groups
B LosirA MarineKing TricKsteR
C DongRaeGu Mvp HuK
D July BoxeR NaNiwa

Matches in the group stages will be best of three and only the first player from each group will make it into the playoffs. The semifinals will then be a best of five and the tournament will end with a best of seven final. The winner of the tournament will walk home with 2,000,000 KRW or approximately 13,362 Euros.

Unlike its other evens, GOMTV will not be providing a free standard quality stream for this tournament. The stream and VODs will only be available to those who buy a premium ticket priced at $4.99 with ads and $9.99 without ads.

The Schedule:
2011/09/17 Group A
2011/09/18 Group B
2011/09/24 Group C
2011/09/25 Group D
2011/10/01 Semifinal
2011/10/02 Final

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Roy “Phantom” Kwan