Pis is back with first person videos

General Dexter “kurtcos” F

Almost forgotten since his semi-retirement from competitive DotA, many have wondered whether the former star would make a return. Make no mistake - Yaphets has returned to the scene and will start releasing first person videos of the man himself in action.

Pis recently announced on his Microblog that "I've been busy recently, so I could not send any updates. But I still miss everyone alot, haha. I plan to start releasing first person videos - in fact, the 10th of this month will be my first. *grins*"

Fans could be treated to a first person video of Yaphets' Shadowfiend should he decide to play it. In the meantime, we can only anticipate what he will bring us this Saturday.

But with him back in the public eye, is this a sign of something more? Will Pis finally make a return to competitive DotA? Stay tuned for further information.

SGamer - Original Article
QQ Microblog - Yaphets Channel (Chinese)