Hao is picked up by PanDa Gaming

General Dexter “kurtcos” F

From Nirvana.cn to Tyloo and now finally to PanDa gaming, Hao has seen his fair share of transfers. Since Benz got picked up by iG.Y, the team under PanDa had to cope with the loss of a key player. Today, they announced that Hao has officially joined the team.

Hao participated in The International in Germany representing Tyloo but unfortunately, they crashed out early and went back empty handed. Nevertheless, he put up a respectable performance. Since he entered the scene, Hao has constantly proved that he was just as capable of competing with the other, arguably more renowned carries from his country.

Finally with a complete roster, much is left to the team as we approach the end of the year. Hopefully, something spectacular will result from this roster of players led by famous pub star Nada (HayabusA).

PanDa Gaming:
China 单车 (Manager)
China HayabusA
China yAobAi
China WinD
China MU
China Hao

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