Best games of "The International"

General Terrence “MrBlue” Wong
We know you're having withdrawal symptoms from "The International", then why not catch up on some of the best games the past few days. Here are the GosuCrew's top picks.

This game can definitely be labeled as the best in the whole tournament. Na'Vi went for a very unorthodox pick by taking Pudge, the first and only in the whole tournament. A very bold move from Na'Vi considering this is the Grand final series with them having a one game advantage having come from the Winner Brackets. The pick worked out pretty well at the start gaining early kills fast and lots of kills were exchanged throughout the whole game. In the end, EHOME managed to overpower Na'Vi and ties up the series 1-1.

Considered as one of the biggest upset of the tournament, the underdog team from the Philippines managed to take down the Chinese titans, OK.Nirvana.CN. There were some great moments in the game, one of them is when three of Mineski heroes distracted OK.Nirvana.CN's heroes in the dire base while Mineski's Slardar and Mirana took down Radiant's top two raxes. MVP of the game goes to Mineski's Julz who played an incredible Mirana.

The classic Maelk vs hyhy rivalry was played out at "The International" in the winner bracket's quarterfinals. Scythe.SG were able to constantly pressure MYM, not allowing to execute their fast push strategy while at the same time iceiceice's Enchantress was able to pressure the lanes constantly while using his creeps to good use. A good early game pressuring proved to be fruitful and allowed them to take the win.

Can you farm a Linken's Sphere in under 15 minutes? Well MiTh's LK can, the insane farming ability he has is definitely on par with those of the best Chinese carry players. His ability to farm coupled with great teamwork of the team allowed the team to come on top of Tyloo, netting themselves a cool $25,000 in prize money.

OK.Nirvana.Int vs MUFC's match is the most nail-biting game in the whole tournament. You literally cannot tell who will win the series until the very end. We won't spoil it for those who haven't watch it, just make sure you finish the game.

Those are the picks from the GosuCrew, but we understand there are other great games out there so leave your thoughts on which game is the best for you in the comments below. If you missed any of the matches you can catch up by watching the VoDs on the Dota 2 youtube channel which is available at the link below.

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