SeleCT beats Sheth in NA Bnet finals to bring home $10,000

General Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

SeleCT's long and hard struggle against Liquid`Sheth repaid him greatly - the Dignitas terran has been rewarded with $10,000 and will go to Blizzon along with his friendly zerg opponent.

After being downed to the LB by SeleCT himself, Sheth defeated HuK to get back to the grand finals and the chance to get his revenge. Sheth came back after a 0-1 disadvantage to win and restart the series, going into the third Select VS Sheth match-up in this tournament.

The final set began on Temple where Select pressured the Zerg hard but a slight unsiege mistake cost him the entire push force. Fortunately for the terran, his macro was still on fire and Sheth's third and fourth were denied by marine drops. Seeing that there is no chance of coming back, Sheth GG-ed.

The Zerg was quick to come back on Metalopolis by launching a surprise counter attack right after SeleCT's bunker push fail. Not prepared at all for such aggression, SeleCT had no choice but to go into set 3.

That set 3 was a must watch for all SC2 fans. SeleCT's methodical pushing and hatchery hunting paid him more and more dividents as the game progressed buy Sheth was holding strong with perfectly placed fungals. Eventually, though, SeleCT's split drops and brood lord snipes proved too much for Sheth and he had to gg out with a smile, giving the terran the first place in the tournament.

North American Invitational Standings
1st United States Kyung Hyun Select Ryoo, $10,000
2nd United States Shawn Sheth Simon, $5,000
3rd Canada Chris HuK Loranger, $3,000
4th United States Greg Idra Fields, $2,000

Next in line is the Chinese Invitational, scheduled to end on August 20th.