China Vietnam Showmatch: Old LGD to play once more

Posted by Kai "Treble1999" Chua at 11 August 2011 13:24
Ex-LGD team, Source: 178 DotA

After close to a month of intense rivalry between the two nations brought to us by Platform 11, this series of showmatches concludes with one final showdown between players from the two nations. After a week of voting, the results are finally out.

A few days back, members of the public started to vote for the players they most wanted to see. The result was unanimous with the former members of LGD garnering the lion's share of people votes. Viewers will get to see for a last time the old LGD side playing together as a team, just like how they did before the team was broken up.

ZSMJ's impeccable farming, YYF's serious and stringent methods, ChuaN's smooth and steady play, CH's calm and composed look, and 830's uncanny ability to gank; all these elements will come together for a final swansong.

Come the 13th of August, let us celebrate their past victories and for one last time witness the team's indomitable spirit, when they fight together for National glory.

DateTime Format
13th August 201120:00 GMT+8Best of three

Chinese Players:
China CH_cn
China ZSMJ_cn
Malaysia ChuaN_mas
China YYF_cn
China god830_cn

Vietnamese Players:
Vietnam SkyNet.TungCon
Vietnam WaG.Izumin
Vietnam SkyNet.BlackMoon
Vietnam WaG.S
Last player TBA

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