BratOK and Stephano "troll" Group F's decisive match

General Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

A peculiar and utterly funny situation arose nigh the completion of Group F. Stephano and BratOK met each other to decide who will take the first spot in the pool, but had a strong desire to... lose.

A quick check up with the tournament format gave up the reason. The first place winner would have to face SEn in the Ro16. Apparently, none of the players had the burning wish to face the Zerg king and so played three of the most hilarious series thus far at Assembly.

The cheese-after-cheese marathon ended with Stephano proxying a hatchery at BratOK's own natural but the Russian had a quirky response of his own, going for a 1-base Battlecruiser rush. After several minutes of ROFL-inducing battles, BratOK gg-ed out. Stephano's last words were "no" but it was a bit too late - BratOK was already out of the game, the French winning the questionable reward of playing SEn.