Poll: Which team will win The International?

General Terrence “MrBlue” Wong
Since the announcement of "The International", there has been talks as who will win the whole thing with arguments favoring both East and West. Show your support in our poll now.

Vote for your favorite team and bring them to the top of the poll now! The poll can be found on the very bottom of the DotA front page or here.

Teams up for voting are all the ones that are invited. In case you forgot which ones are invited, here is a little reminder.

Invited Teams
EuropeChinaSouth-East Asia
Europe GGnet
Denmark MYM
Denmark NeVo
Ukraine Na'Vi
Other OK.Nirvana.Int
Russia Moscow 5
China CCM
China LGD
China Tyloo
China OK.Nirvana.cn
Thailand MiTh.Trust
Vietnam StarsBoba
Singapore Scythe
Malaysia MUFC
Philippines MI.Asus

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