Invictus Gaming's CCM acquisition said a 6-million-dollar deal

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers
The acquisition of Chinese eSport organization had according to Chinese media sites a price of $6.2 million USD. For the son of one of China's richest men, it was reported to only be the first of many maneuvers to come for the Chinese scene.

GosuGamers has previously reported of the stir-ups in the Chinese DotA progaming scene. How Catastrophic Cruel Memories was acquired by Dalian Wanda Group's Wang Sicong, the son of China's tenth richest man and how "four players from LGD was picked up to the new organization.

Following the recent announcement of the one-million-dollar first prize of Valve's own DotA2 launch tournament, sources in Chinese media reports how the acquisition of CCM cost the Dalian Wanda Group 40,000,000 yuan which converts into roughly $6.2 million USD.

The Chinese scene is in a continuing reshuffle, with many rumours, statements and opinions floating about. This thread would help shed some light on what is going on.

GosuGamers will keep you updated with the conclusion of this team jumble.