TobiWan Kenobi to Appear on Live On Three

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Premier English-language caster Tobi Wan Kenobi will appear tonight at 0100 CET, 7PM EDT on Live on Three to speak about the history and state of DotA, as well as the DOTA 2 Invitational Tournament, with djWHEAT and Slasher. GosuGamers spoke briefly with Tobi before his appearance.

How did your upcoming appearance come about?

I saw the forum post on gosugamers and then found out about the thread at Team liquid, and read away. djWHEAT had asked some simple questions about the world of DOTA, and judging by the questions he needed help to understand what DOTA was all about. So I replied. People then put my name forward to come on the show, and he contacted me.

What do you consider your goals for this appearance? Do you intend to take an advocacy role, or will you try to be more neutral and educational?

The only thing I wanted to achieve is helping people who are not part of a DOTA community understand what the world is all about, and to do it in a way that reflects well on the DOTA world, so without spite and in a manner that is respectful to everyone.

Since the DOTA 2 Invitational provoked the current interest in DotA, will you be discussing that tournament and DOTA 2 generally?
The DOTA 2 tournament will of course be a topic of great interest and will be discussed, but if I am going to judge the topics off the questions that djWHEAT has asked, then I would say it would also be about the history of DOTA, then the current state of DOTA and then transition into DOTA 2.

Fantastic. We'll all be watching, so good luck. Any final thoughts and shoutouts?
Shoutout to the listeners and just keep dancing.

Thanks again to Tobi for taking the time to chat with us. Watch his appearance on Live on Three at or here on GosuGamers!

Update: Tobi will be one of three guests and appear after the show's normal content.

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