Only ZSMJ remains behind for LGD

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers
Just as we thought the dust had settled, Invictus Gaming, the new organisation headed by Chinese businessman Wang Sicong, takes apart one of Chinese DotA's most stable teams. While ZSMJ chose to remain loyal to LGD, his four teammates have unfortunately left the club to play under Wang's flag.

With news of CCM going under Invictus Gaming still fresh, Wang takes yet another shot at making his mark on Chinese E-Sports, buying out four players from LGD. LGD leader Ruru recently confirmed on his MicroBlog that ch, 830, ChuaN and YYF have been successfully poached by Wang's organisation.

With only ZSMJ remaining to fend for himself, he therefore also announced the official dissolution of LGD. Touted as the most stable team in the Chinese competitive scene, LGD emerged unscathed during the Great Chinese Reshuffle in January.

Since its humble beginnings as FTD (For The Dream) under the leadership of 2009, LGD took the championship at SMM '09 and went on to dominate the first half of 2010. Following a slump due to EHOME's presence at last year's LAN tournaments, LGD started this year convincingly, claiming a major championship at StarsWar 6, and adding to that another title at G-League. Now, it looks like the dream is finally over.

iG is certainly looking to make a stand this year, already claiming arguably two of China's top three teams at the moment (the last being TyLoo). It looks like this will not stop Wang from fulfilling the larger ambitions concealed behind his plans to 'integrate E-Sports in China'.

Time can only tell what this will leave us of LGD's future, their place at Gamescom and more. Stay tuned for further information.

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