Catastrophic Cruel Memories is now Invictus Gaming

General Dexter “kurtcos” F
Today marks a change of pace in Chinese competitive DotA. One of the biggest corporate firms in China has taken its first step into the scene, and it involves the acquisition of a top Chinese gaming club - Catastrophic Cruel Memories (CCM), the team of Zhou and Ferrari. They are now Invictus Gaming (IG).

Wanda Enterprise director Wang Sicong recently announced on his MicroBlog his foray into the E-Sports industry. With him at the helm of one of China's strongest teams, many fans are looking to see what changes he may bring to the scene. Now, it looks like IG has secured their 'sponsor' and are all set to turn up at Germany this August, 17th to 21st for DotA 2's 'The International'.

Invictus Gaming:
China Zhou (Captain)
China SanSheng
China Xiao8
China DDC
China Ferrari

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