Boxer and MMA to MLG Anaheim

General Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

The MLG/GSL exchange program continues with full force as today the first two Korean invites for MLG Anaheim are announced. Seeing the names revealed, one gets to wonder how epic can Anaheim get if the next two invites are even more spectacular than those terran heavy-hitters.

SlayerS_MMA will return to MLG as the reigning champion. The ace of team Slayers went undefeated through Columbus, dropping only three maps in total and winning the beefy $5,000 prize money. Although now out of Code A, MMA will be looking forward to make yet another impressive stand come end of July.

The second invite is the creator of team Slayers and the eternal legend SlayerS_Boxer. This will be Boxer's first SC2 trip to MLG and Emperor's fans will truly be trembling in expectation.

The GSL directory say that they will announce the next two invites that will go to MLG Anaheim soon. The tournament itself will begin on July 29th and will have a prize pool of $14,000.

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