Blizzard Reveals Maps for Season 3

General Roy “Phantom” Kwan
Four new 1v1 maps have been revealed for the third season. A total of 10 new maps have been revealed with six six of them belonging to the team ladders.

The four new maps for the 1v1 ladder have been put into three distinct categories: normal, rush, and macro. Two maps will be under the normal category while one will be in the rush and one will be in the macro category.

1v1Test1 - Rush

The first map featured in the blog is the only rush map in the new reveal. It features no obvious third expansion and has close rush distances between most of the starting locations. The choke isn't easily accessible as there is a destructible rock that helps to narrow the choke slightly while line of sight barriers cover most of the choke. This will no doubt be a map that most Zergs will want to veto in the next season. With it's hard to defend thirds and close distances, defending an early rush from Protoss and Terran will be hard, but not as hard as trying to get that third up safely.

1v1Test2 - Normal

The second map in the reveal was much more straightforward and resembles Backwater Gulch. Because of the destructible rocks are place where they are, the early game forces all armies to go through the middle to attack. Once they are broken, the pathways between bases will be a lot shorter.

1v1Test3 - Normal

Test3 features spawning positions similar to that of Metalopolis. Depending on where you spawn, it could offer closer air rush attacks such as Banshee or Voidray rushes. However, unlike Metalopolis the map doesn't have the same open area at the natural expansions. Rush distances by ground looks to be slightly longer as well.

1v1Test4 - Macro

This will be the first macro map that Blizzard has created and added to their map pool. Although it is labeled a macro map, it might be one of the stingiest ever. It is a macro map in the sense that the natural is easy to to take, but the distances between spawns are much closer than on maps such as Tal'Darim or Crevasse. Of all four new maps revealed this is the most straightforward and player friendly for all races.

2v2 Maps


There will be two new 2v2 maps and both of them feature shared bases with one easy to defend natural expansion. Blizzard has stated that this is a balance decision saying that, "at higher levels of 2v2, there are clearly team compositions that are stronger than others on open maps."

3v3 and 4v4 Maps

Blizzard stated that both 3v3 and 4v4 have less serious players playing and are planning to cater to the more casual player when it comes to 3v3 and 4v4. These maps will feature a good mix of fortress styled maps and rush maps to provide a wider variety of game play.

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