HuK crowned DHS champion

General Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

The Canadian protoss delivered joy to all foreign fans as he went undefeated throughout all the tournament to beat Moon 3-2 in the grand final and sit atop the three Koreans.

HuK faced "the fifth race" Moon in the grand final of DreamHack summer 2011, after the Korean defeated his compatriot Bomber with a 2-1 after beating him in a long macro game on Tal'Darim Altar and annihilating terran's 2-base tank/marine push on Metalopolis.

In the grand final, HuK took an early lead after his 4-gate all in on Metalopolis paid off, but Moon quickly came back in the series by snatching the next two series on Shakuras and Crossfire with overwhelming roach aggression that even HuK's excellent force fields could not repel.

HuK had to win two games in a row to snatch the first place and, to many people's surprise, Moon made two huge misplays. On Crevasse, Moon's plan was to go for 2-base roach pressure but when HuK's probe entered his main and scouted the small expansion, Moon cancelled his hatchery at the front position, thinking that HuK had seen this. Little did Moon know that this was not the case and HuK, anticipating a 1-base all-in (not something Moon intentionally planned), cannoned up his front. Moon's roaches crashed into heavily defended front and it was just then that the Korean found out that he has tricked himself.

On Tal'Darim Altar, Moon went for a meta-game 6-pool in attempt to deny the FFE of HuK but unfortunately for him, the Canadian scouted that right away and successfully walled his front to deny both the initial ling attack and the weak roach follow-up.

Thus, HuK swept the DHS champion title along with the 100,000 SEK that go along with it.

DreamHack Summer 2011 final standings
1. Canada Huk - €11,200
2. South Korea Moon - €5,600
3. South Korea Bomber - €2,800
4. South Korea July - €1,450