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General13 years agoRadoslav "Nydra" Kolev

HuK to meet July in the semi-finals


The leaders of groups E and F will face each other in the Ro4 of DreamHack Summer. Both players are still undefeated in the tournament with HuK having lost just one map!

HuK vs Socke was the first Ro8 match to be broadcasted on the main stream with Day[9] and Apollo. The Canadian played a perfect protoss mirror and after defending Socke's DT tech in the first set and outmacroing him in the second, Liquid's Code S player advanced to the Ro4.

In the second quarter finals for the morning, July defeated SEn with a 2-1 after the Taiwanese attempted a mutalisk build in the decisive set. July's roach timings and impenetrable defenses, however, did not allow the fliers of SEn to do any damage and after relentless pushes at the front door, the God of War advanced further.

This means that the first semi final will be July vs HuK. The other will be between the winners of MC/Bomber and Naniwa/Moon. Those will be played when the tournament resumes at 12:30 CET.

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