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Na`Vi opens chances

The rousing mindset and philosophy of the Ukrainian powerhouse, which keeps fascinating their supporters all around the world, also seemed to make a strong impression on established pro players of DotA. The switch of Light and Puppey marks the hottest transfer of players since Dendi and ArtStyle joined Na´Vi after a successful year 2010 at DTS. GosuGamers managed to get answers from Puppey regarding the move.

The former GGnet captain took his time to respond, trying to describe the situation and circumstances around his departure as pragmatic and neutral as possible. 'It was time for a change' marks the quintessence of the chat, in which he further weighs achievements against each other, provides a humorous response to KuroKy's most recent blog entry and shares his opinion about the actual strength of the new Na`Vi DotA roster.

Fact is, that the expectation towards the team will rise immensely, as the interest in joining Chinese tournaments and competing with full-time professinoals was clearly made visible in the past. Read now what newly minted Na`Vi.Puppey has to say:
Puppey, you said in your statement that Na`Vi is pretty much the only European team left, whose aim is to become the worlds best. Why do you feel that this is something thats not possible with GGnet. The results of GosuGamers really let one rise his expectations and you did achieve more with GGnet than Na`Vi did in their time of activity.
I'll start off by making it clear that winning three online tournaments is equal to a normal offline tournament. Yes, GGnet had dominated the European online scene, but calling these achievements stronger than M5's 1st place OSPL is just ludicrous. GGnet had no real motivation; two simple ways to solve this is either money or change. I can even bet that GGnet right now is more motivated due to a big change in team, it's just how it works.

The only times you were associated with Na`Vi was at the ESAL final versus PowerRangers three weeks ago, where you were seen as Enigma in both games. Did you start to get interested in the team back then already, or did that develop later.
Absolutely not, being a standin is just helping some friends. In this context, interest is a word you use if you find something new that you like. Na'Vi has many of my old ex-teammates and good friends, so I knew exactly what they were. I stay loyal to my team and I don't take interests in joining other teams, only beating them. A week ago I wanted to make a change and joining Na'Vi was my choice.

What can we expect from the new Na`Vi roster then. How are your training sessions going and when will we see you wearing the yellow trikot for the first time?
Right now, Artstyle is on his vacation, so we have not yet trained with the full team. It's hard to expect what direction this team will go and depends if we have trouble in our early phase. My hopes are that we attend a Chinese LAN this summer or somewhere a good European tournament will unveil itself, but most likely it's going to be ASUS Summer.

... calling GGnet's achievements stronger than M5's 1st place at OSPL is just ludicrous
You probably didn't miss the comprehensive and emotional blog entry, KuroKy wrote after your leaving. Is there any comment or word, you want to put in his direction?
KuroKy has been reading books like Art of War and is also a big Napoleon fan so beware those who listen to his words, he will manipulate you into his side and make you fight for eternity. Nevertheless (*laughs*), I don't need to comment about anything he said there, as he pretty much explained a lot that I should in this interview and we still talk to eachother regularly, just like we did when he joined MYM.

Many say that this new Na`Vi roster lacks a support specialist, which has been Axypa in the past. Do you think that this circumstance will get the team in trouble?
To all those people, I'll give you examples:
1. 820 was hard carry before he became a support player.
2. KingJ was never looked as a support, but he plays everything, even support.
3. Before I played support, I used to be carry also.
4. Smile in Virtus Pro was not considered support, but in the long run started to play a lot of support heroes.
5. LongDD has switched back from support and carry all the time

.. and the list goes on. Support is not a role, it's how you play a hero. For now it's already become a fab to call yourself a good support player, so nobody will notice how horrible you are at this game when you are not playing bitch. The term "bitch" already makes it obvious.

My desire is to be a player not leader
You called the shots in GGnet, but now you will play under ArtStyle. Will it be hard for you to sit back and let him do the drafting?
Actually, my desire is to be a player not leader, but as it turned out, I had to make the choices cause of my knowledge. ArtStyle listens to everyone when he drafts and in reality, every team does the same.

From an outsiders perspective it seems hard understand that "star-rosters" like the new Na`Vi form and work out right away. How did connections between players develop. You obviously know all players from the inhouse communities, but playing together permanently as a team seems a lot more difficult. Do you feel you know your new mates well enough to compete on a successful level against other top teams?
The only reason why this team formed and worked out right away might be because of the old teammate-factor. ArtStyle Dendi and XBOCT have been playing for a long time together, Dendi and LighT have both been my teammates once before and LighT was part of the old DTS with ArtStyle and Dendi.
I have known Dendi for a long time, I became friends with XBOCT in DTS-cup and have been in contact with him ever since, but with LighT and ArtStyle I have only shared a few conversations.
I feel that most of us have to work hard on knowing eachother better, but it's actually a very fun proccess, so I am not troubled by it.

Looks promising. Im finished so thank you a lot for your time. Any final words?

Natus Vincere is currently ranked third in the GosuGamers chart and will face SGC and SAG tomorrow in the Intel Challenge SuperCup #8 and Liteforex Cup worth $2000 and $3000.

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