APSC2 and ESL.es to Establish Gaming House Ahead of Torneo ESL SC2

General Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers
AprenderStarCraft2 (APSC2) will be establishing a gaming house in the mid-east of Spain in Valencia. The house will be occupied from June 27th to July 10th where the APSC2 gamers will be training for the Torneo ESL Starcraft 2 (TES) Campus Party.

APSC2's gaming house will only be temporary as the establishment will serve as a training grounds for the APSC2 team. Several other gamers will also be invited to the house to help train with the APSC2 team as they prepare for the TES Campus Party. Players and fans can also take part in a raffle to visit the team and take a tour of their accomadations as they train.

This gaming house is put together by APSC2 in collaboration with ESL.es. Players will train for a total of 15 days before the tournament. The Torneo ESL Starcraft 2 will begin on July 12th and end on July 17th.

ESL.eu - Source(Spanish)