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General13 years agoRadoslav "Nydra" Kolev

Losira outplays Nani's build orders


The first game of the MLG Columbus Winners Bracket saw Korean monster Zerg Losira going against the reigning MLG champion Naniwa.

Naniwa opened the first set on Testbug with a neat and tight build order, going for 1-gate, 1-gas expand into Stargate and beginning with his air pressure soon thereafter. However, Losira's impeccable defense did not allow any heavy economy damage to occur and after getting 4 bases up (including a gold one), the Zerg just overran Nani with his unfaltering macro.

The fast 2-base Colossus on Shakuras Plateau also failed to bring more success as Losira went for early warren and late lair, macroing up like a madman and started assaulting the Protoss fortress when his Roach speed eventually kicked in.

Nani now drops down to the Losers bracket and will await his opponent in the 9th round. Next up in the winners bracket is Idra vs MMA.

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