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MLG: CrunCh-time for KiwiKaKi, falls 1-2 in Protoss mirror

cruncher-240-150.jpgCrunCher's build orders gave him the upper hand in game one and three to colossi-walk over KiWiKaKi in the opening losers round of the championship brackets in MLG Columbus.

The first game saw the open bracket player CrunCher do an stalker-immortal fast expand on Shakuras Plateau. KiWiKaKi, having landed in this round after his fourth place in the pool play, went for a warp prism just when his Robotics Facility warped in.

Though the attempted back-side drop and front-side attack failed as CrunCher was ahead in not only economics but also in the colossus account.

The second game was played on on Tal'Darim Altar, and the two showed the more or less two only workable builds on the map, with KiwiKaKi going quick three stalkers into a four gateways, while his adversary CrunCher went for a straight 4-gate play.

The Canadian was able to defend the 4-gate push, with one more stalker out and better micro management. After that it was just an open road to CrunCher's base and victory was Kiwi's.

Third game, both players went for as early colossi as possible, but CrunCher going only one gateway before the Robo while KiWiKaKi wanted more safety by going three gateways prior to the Robo. Eventually the players met on the battlefield, and CrunCher was able to spread his units better and with the advantage of having one extra colossus he could seal the deal to advance to the next round of the championship brackets.

In other results, we saw KawaiiRice defeat Drewbie 2-0, Tyler defeat ViBe 2-1 and SeleCT defeat iNcontroL 2-0. Winners will move in to the next round of the bracket.

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