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General13 years agoRadoslav "Nydra" Kolev

July conquers two more

After climbing up to Pool B from the open winners bracket, July has been unstoppable, now further cementing his position by slaying two more players along the way.

Sjow was the first victim of July. July lost the first game on Shattered Temple despite getting an early advantage by slaughtering a great lot of marines in the opening stage of the game. However, he was careless and could not read Sjow's plan to come back which was double Banshee. That cost him a lot of drones and later the game, but the God of War was not to be discarded that easily. He came back strong on Tal'Darim Altar and Shakuras Plateau, flawlessly using mutalisk to their maximum to pin down Sjow and destroy his bases piece by piece.

Sheth was next to fall to July but unfortunately that game was not broadcasted due to the thunderstorm that damaged the satellites. But according to MLG's twitter posts, the game ended in with a 2-1 score for the Korean with July securing the final set with nice Baneling/Roach aggression.

July is now tied for first in Pool B with MMA with the last game of both being against the other. Stay tuned to GosuGamers for more details on the pool play.

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