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July, ThorZaIN, Fenix, Major to MLG pool play

After going through the upper open bracket, Thorzain, Major, July and Fenix will be moving in to the pool play. The players were just now seeded into their respective groups. See the full groups below.

MLG Columbus Pool play
Pool APool B
Canada SLush Korea MMA
Sweden Naniwa United States Sheth
Korea Moon Sweden SjoW
Canada Drewbie Korea July
Peru Fenix Canada KiWiKaKi
United States Gretorp Korea MOoNan
Pool CPool D
United States IdrA Korea Losira
Korea MC Germany TLO
United States Tyler Sweden HayprO
Netherlands Ret United States Machine
Sweden ThorZaiN United States iNcontroL
United States SeleCT Mexico Major

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