IdrA Continues his Domination of Day 1

General Roy “Phantom” Kwan
IdrA takes out SeleCT 2-0 and continues his reign on Day 1 against Korean players.

IdrA's highlight of the match must have been his amazing Neural Parasites of SeleCT's huge Thor army. SeleCT was defenseless as he watched his Thors slowly take each other out with Mutalisks firing volley after volley of glaive wyrms.


Game 2 was a long game of IdrA wearing out SeleCT. Despite his aggressive start, SeleCT was unable to take any type of advantage early and the late game just meant a slow demise for him. Both players displayed great micro and control in the middle of the map as both armies danced back and forth. In the end it was IdrA continuing his domination of day 1 against not just any players, but some of the top Koreans in the world.

In a post-game interview with JP, MC had commented that he was not in top shape playing against IdrA in match 1, but after he received an energy drink he would easily take IdrA in a rematch. He also stated that he expects to take this competition.
Roy “Phantom” Kwan