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Amun-Ra rises from the ashes this Friday

This Friday, an explosive new hero named Amun-Ra will be born from the ashes.

Path of Destruction: Costs 20% of max health. Creates a path of flame 600 units in front of Amun-Ra, where a meteor lands, stunning and damaging those affected for 1 second. Amun-Ra regains 5% of max health for each enemy hero hit by the meteor and 5% for hitting himself with it.

Ignite: Costs 12% of max health. After a 1.5 second delay, deals AoE magic damage that partially scales based on a % of Amun-Ra's max health. Units are affected by a tapering slow that lasts 3 seconds.

Ashes to Ashes: Passive health regen. Increases attack speed and deals AoE damage based on how much damage Amun-Ra has taken recently.

Pyroclasmic Rebirth: Activates on death if Amun-Ra has more than 50% of his max mana. 3 seconds after dying, Amun-Ra is reborn, triggering a cast of Ignite and dealing bonus damage from all of his skills and attacks for 10 seconds.

This new Hero Spotlight introduces us to Amun-Ra, as well as giving up a glimpse of a new Myrmidon alt avatar. Amun-Ra shares some characteristics with two iconic DotA heroes: Huskar (spells that cost health) and Leoric (reincarnation). He serves as a strength initiator with heavy nukes and decent scaling ability.

The combination of his two activated skills allows him to create a path and quickly engage enemy heroes, dealing massive AoE damage. Enemies will have to think twice about focusing him, since he deals more damage as he takes damage. And that's not to mention the fact that he can come back from death to punish you even harder.

If you're interested in the hero development process, [S2] Nome has made a blog post on some of the history behind Amun-Ra's creation. Get ready to be reborn in this Friday's patch!

youtube.com - HoN Hero Spotlight: Amun-Ra
s2nome.wordpress.com - Development details

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