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Worgen and Goblins get their roar back - rest to get new ones

roar-240133.jpgThe /roar emote was removed in patch 4.1. This due to an issue that caused the "/roar" and "/attack" emotes to play at the same time as the "/attacktarget" command was used. Blizzard can now happily report that the goblin and worgen will have their sounds back. Add to that brand new roar sounds for all playable races.

New "/roar" Sounds Added in 4.2)

Hey everyone!

As many of you who play goblins and worgen may have noticed, the sound usually associated with your characters' "/roar" emote was removed in patch 4.1. This was done to help resolve an issue that caused the sounds associated with the both the "/roar" and "/attack" emotes to play simultaneously whenever the "/attacktarget" command was used.

We know that many of you missed hearing your /roars, so we're happy to report that, in patch 4.2, goblin and worgen characters will once again have a sound associated with the emote. Even better, we're adding brand new sounds for "/roar" for all playable races.

We're excited to be able to introduce these new sounds and hope you have a roarin' good time with the updated emotes. (Yes, I went there. Rawr. :3)

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