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General13 years agoNick "Akrid" Vazh

GoOdy takes the third NA Zotac Cup

145 players showed up to play in the third edition of the North American ZOTAC StarCraft 2 Cup. In the claim for fame and glory, not to mention the nice prize of $100, we saw GoOdy, Fayth, Ruff13, iNhumaN reach the best-of-three formatted semi finals.

The German player GoOdy proved to be too tough a match for the Canadian Fayth. Dominating his opponent at every turn, the ESC-Gaming Terran ended up coming out victorious by a clear 3-0 win.

This means a Terran has for the third time in a row won the North American ZOTAC Cup. We will just have to wait and see if this Terran domination keeps up, or if a Zerg or a Protoss hero will arise to overthrow the Terran rule and claim victory in the name of their respective race.

ZOTAC StarCraft II North America Cup #3
United States JediGamer vs. United States RuFF 0:2
Canada Fayth vs. Poland Everize 2:1
Sweden Saphri vs. United States iNhumaN 1:2
Germany GoOdy vs. Canada Hasuu 2:0
United States RuFF vs. Canada Fayth 1:2
United States inhumaN vs. Germany GoOdy 1:2
Canada Fayth vs. Germany GoOdy 0:3

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