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DIMAGA victorious at ASUS Spring Cup

By beating Happy in the grand final, the 24-year-old Ukrainian climbs back on the throne after having won last years Autumn event six months ago; the title is worth converted €1.300

23 players, including several notables of the Eastern European scene, attended the Spring Cup at the Cybersport Arena in Kiev. Sadly not among the elite field was profilic veteran Oleksii 'White-Ra' Krupnyk, for whom Pavel 'BRAT_OK' Kuznetsov was called up as a replacement.

As only 16 players fit into the groupstage, pre-qualifiers had to be held, whose winners alongside eight invited players faced each other within four divisions. The event then transitioned into single elimination playoffs and the concluding finals.

Delivering the best and most consistant performances was mTw.DIMAGA who despite losing one game in the groupstage, left the opposition no chance once the event hit its hot phase.

ASUS Spring Cup 2011, Ukraine Kiev
1.Ukraine mTw.DIMAGA ~€1300
2.Russia Empire.Happy ~€900
3.Ukraine Virus.Bly~€300
4.Belarus imba.FXOpen.LoWeLysponsored Hardware
5-8Ukraine NaVi.HappyZerg, Ukraine imba.FXOpen.Strelok, Ukraine Virus.Underdark, Ukraine Empire.Kas

The next ASUS Cup will be held in approximately three months at the same location.

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