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Legends of Old: GSL Super Ro64 Group B

Group B of GSL Super is amazing, to be honest. Just look at the first day - July, Trickster, Genius, Min and friggin' Boxer, man! Let's see how those players managed to do in the Ro64.

South Korea Trickster vs South Korea YuGiOh

It was an amazing starting set on Xel'Naga Caverns, amazing I tell you. Trickster began with what seemed to be a standard 3-Gate Stargate expand and soon indeed a Nexus started warping in. But then Trickster threw in a Fleet Beacon and everybody started wondering what would it be for. It turned out it was a really quick 2-base Mothership rush. Needless to say, YuGiOh was caught completely off guard and when his Hydra timing push was fended off he fell into a vortex of oblivion.

The game on Crossfire was much lesser entertainment. Trickster went for DT expand but after he could not sneak any units past the Spore Crawlers, he switched to Robo and went for Immortals. A wise choice, considering that all YuGiOh did was attempt one Roach bust after another. After none of those succeeded and his Roach army was slaughtered, YuGiOh had to leave GSL Super.


South Korea TheBest vs South Korea Jjun

The game on Terminus started ultimately wrong for Jjun as he lost his first two cloaked Banshees in less than a minute without doing any damage. Somehow, though, he was till ahead in supply and took the opportunity to be aggressive. After winning a couple of engagements in the centre, Jjun went for strong drop play, sieging his tanks at the below the cliff of the main and elevating his Marines on top of the production facilities. Things looked good for Jjun until TheBest countered with even larger drop which did significantly more damage, crushing every production facility in the main. Further more, if Jjun was to win the base trade, he had to go through the last line of defence of TheBest and seeing that it would not happen he typed out.

A clank of metal on Belshir Beach gave the start to the second set and soon the game was much alike the first: Jjun took the offensive and pushed with his bio/tank army but slight misposition opened a corridor for counter-attack and in a blink of an eye, TheBest was sieged at Jjun's production facilities. Not being able to push that back, Jjun lost the set and hence the match.


South Korea Genius vs South Korea Boxer

Two of the most popular SC2 pro-gamers met in GSL Super Ro64. Boxer and Genius started their battle on Dual Sight. The Emperor, famous for his multitasking skills, threw down a quick tech to medivacs, looking forward to do multi-pronged harass. Unfortunately, Genius had spotters everywhere and was more than prepared for those attacks and suddenly Boxer found two of his full medicavs in shambles. It was a downfall from that point on - Genius added Colossi to his mix that Boxer could not successfully counter due to not starting Viking production on time. For that reason, Boxer also failed to secure a fourth and soon had nothing to adequately fight the protoss army.

But Boxer is not called "The Emperor" for nothing. Quickly realizing his mistakes from set 1, Boxer opened the Crevasse set with the same build but way more polished. He was meticulous with his drop play, had Vikings in time, predicting that Genius will eventually have to add Colossi and was soon maxed, having huge army advantage to the protoss. A critical time to move came when a drop of Boxer managed to snipe the critical Templar Archives and to draw the main protoss army home. Boxer seized this opportunity to move in and snipe the fourth of Genius and with one last engagement with perfect EMP, the score was tied.

The third set on Terminus was also really exciting as it showed how players are able to nimbly learn on the move. Boxer opened with a similar build to the last sets but Genius would have none of that again. The protoss quickly rushed to +2 armor and charge and just battered down Boxer's front door before his tech could come in play. Without the necessary fire power, Boxer was dismantled and had to GG out.


South Korea July vs South Korea Min

There we are, at the last match of the day with yet another old-time legend. After Trickster and Boxer, July stepped in the booth to face Min in his nightmare mirror match-up. The first set was on Crevasse and it soon became obvious, that Min had something special planned. Blocking his ramp to deny any scouting, Min took his back expo and quickly teched to Lair after ling speed, throwing down a Spire immediately after tier 2 has been reached. Usually, Mutalisk play is risky in ZvZ and July would've probably stopped that... if he had scouted it. Both his Overseer and Changeling barely missed the crucial tech and soon Mutalisks flew in the naked natural of July. Constantly losing economy, July decided to launch a counter attack with whatever Roaches and Hydras he had available but Min's drones were more and so was his army. July was now down 0-1.

July stepped on Terminus with the intention to remind us that he can still efficiently execute low-econ high aggression strategies. Going for early Baneling Nest, July soon marched, quite boldly, his green balls of death to the spined-up natural of Min. It was a complete fail. None of his baneling did any good damage and the attack ended in a few dead Zerglings. July seemed dead as a doornail. Thus, he issued a second, probably way more desperate attack. It was a complete fail... for Min. A tiny moment of mis-micro led to the obliteration of every single unit of Min and July rallied his speedlings to victory.

The dynamic final set on Xel'Naga Caverns (seriously, aren't you all sick of that map?) started with Min going for 1-base roach pressure, throwing a hatch on the back of the attack. It was almost the end for July, who went hatch first, but by throwing some Drones to the defence lines, the God of War managed to hold. He was behind in economy though, but chose to produce units instead and soon the game of "who will screw up his positioning" began. Actually, no one did for a long time and all that happened was both players trying to find any room to attack. Finally, July decided to move forward but a small squad of Lings ran around and ate all of July's drones at the natural. Knowing that this is a do-or-die situation, July did not halt the attack but that first choice of his (to make units and not drones) came back to bite him in the butt: Min again had larger economy and thus larger Roach army. July followed Boxer on the way out of GSL Super.


Ro64 Group B Day 1
South Korea Trickster2:0South Korea YuGiOh
South Korea TheBest2:0South Korea Jjun
South Korea Genius2:1South Korea Boxer
South Korea July1:2South Korea Min

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