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Team FXO to participate in GSTL July

Great news for foreign e-sports comes from GomTV's website. The GSL administration has announced that team FXO e-sports will be joining the new season of GSTL.

The GSL Team League has been a proving ground for many teams during last months and now one of the strongest ones outside Korea get the chance to show what its players are made of. FXO e-sports is home of one of the best foreign players such as qxc, Sheth, Moonglade, Moonan and others. Unlike TeamLiquid, the players will travel to Korea without making partnering up with a Korean team.

Many of you might know already but there has been a foreign team that had a lot of interest in Korea specifically.
Team FXO has decided to participate in the upcoming GSTL.
FXO has decided to bring all their team members to Korea instead of letting their players participate in the GSTL by partnering up with a Korean pro team.

We are very glad to hear this decision and are looking forward to the games between team FXO and Korean teams.
Foreign teams will have the opportunity to increase their skill levels by competing with Korean teams and by showcasing high level matches. We have already proved that individual league and team league are different with the World Championship team league.

We welcome the decision of team FXO and we will provide the GOM House to FXO in order to assist them with their stay.

The news also states, that the broadcasting schedule and the composition of the groups will be announced next week, so stay tuned for more exciting GSTL information.

FXO E-sports SC2 roster
Australia Moonglade
United States Sheth
United States qxc
Canada OptikZero
Australia Filthy
Korea Moonan
United States Slog
Australia Tgun
Canada Anthony

GOMtv - Source

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