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Cancelled: F4F 3.3 semi final GGnet vs MYM

In less than three hours, Team GosuGamers will play MYM, for a spot on SGC's side in the FARM4FAME 3.3 grand final.

Team 1vsTeam 2Event
Denmark MYM>Europe GGnetPL XIV
Denmark MYM<Europe GGnetGosuCup 3
Denmark MYM>Europe GGnetICS 7 Final
Denmark MYM<Europe GGnetPL XIV Final
Both teams worked their way up in the GosuGamers ranking, currently taking first and second place, after several titles and even more victories in European online tournaments.

While GGnet took down titles in Pick League's fourteenth season and the ROCCAT DotA GosuCup, Meet your Makers triumphed in the last Intel SuperCup.

The match history shows a draw after four played series, including one direct win in a final on each side.

Thankfully, the DotA-League administration still allows WaaaghTV broadcasting, which will be provided, alongside a video stream by Troels 'syndereN' Nielsen on MYM.tv.

Only one will get the chance to play for the championship, so do not hesitate to place your bets. Words will not solve the problem of both teams tonight.

Team Gosugamers chose to forfeit the match. They receive three penalty points and MYM reaches the final.
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