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MLG Columbus pools announced

MLG has released the top 20 list for the upcoming Columbus and event and also the pools in which the players will be placed. The best 16 foreigners are joined by four Koreans as part of the MLG/GSL player exchange program.

MLG Columbus, that will take place between 3rd and 5th of June, will begin with the exciting pool phase, that features the best players in the world and filters them to the winners or losers brackets. With the current standing, the top 20 players, including the four Korean invites that are seeded in places 16-20, are as follow:

MLG Columbus top 20
1 Sweden Nani2 Canada Kiwikaki3 United States SeleCT4 United States InControl5 Germany TLO
6 United States Idra7 South Korea Moonan8 Canada Slush9 Canada Drewbie10 Sweden Sjow
11 Netherlands Ret12 Sweden Haypro13 United States Machine14 United States Tyler15 United States Sheth
16 United States Gretorp17 South Korea Losira18 South Korea Bomber19 South Korea MMA20 South Korea Moon

The listed above have been placed in four groups of six with each group to be finalized by adding an undefeated open bracket to it.

MLG Columbus pools
Pool APool BPool C Pool D
Sweden NaniCanada KiwikakiUnited States SeleCTUnited States InControl
Canada SlushSouth Korea MoonanUnited States IdraGermany TLO
Canada DrewbieSweden SjowNetherlands RetSweden Haypro
United States GretorpUnited States ShethUnited States TylerUnited States Machine
South Korea MoonSouth Korea MMASouth Korea BomberSouth Korea Losira
Top undefeated from Open BracketSecond undefeated from Open BracketThird undefeated from Open BracketFourth undefeated from Open Bracket

As mentioned above, the amazing event will commence on Friday, June 3rd and will run throughout the weekend, ending on June 5th. Mark your calendars!

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