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SK Gaming wins GameReplays Tournament Season 4 Qualifier II

This past weekend, SK Gaming defeated KD-Gaming to win the GameReplays Tournament Season 4 Qualifier II.

After a surprising loss to Filipino team Wuki Talkie ([wuki]) in the first round of Qualifier I, SK rebounded this week with a big win in the second qualifier. The newly-signed KD team were the runners-up. Both teams earned their first points towards spots in the TS4 Invitational.

Deal With it and FnaticMSI were the semi-final runners-up, giving them each enough points to stay at the top of the points ladder. The two teams met in the finals of the first qualifier.

A couple of shocking upsets occurred in the first round of Qualifier II. Online Kingdom didn't stand much of a chance against Team Royalty, having to play 4v5. OK has yet to earn any points in the TS4. Phenomenal Boys fell to XQse me ([xQs]) and their dual-carry lineup of Aluna and Silhouette.

The finals between SK and KD was a long, drawn-out farming war. SK held a lead for most of the game, but KD looked like they were making a comeback several times during the match. Despite [KD] Era's farmed Soulstealer, SK seized the win after a huge genocide that led to a victory push.

   GameReplays TS4 Qualifier II   
WinnerUnitedStates SK
Runner-upEurope KD
Semi-final Runners-upOther DWi
Europe MSI
Quarter-final Runners-UpPhilippines DskB
Brazil tmRy
UnitedStates sGty
Europe xQs

After the five qualifiers, the top 8 teams on the TS4 ladder will advance to the TS4 Invitational. Points are awarded as follows:
  • Tournament Winner (1 team) = 20 points
  • Tournament Runner-up (1 team) = 15 points
  • Semi-final Runners-up (2 teams) = 10 points
  • Quarter-final Runners-up (4 teams) = 5 points

After the first two qualifiers, the four qualifier finalists are leading the point totals. Many more teams are in the hunt for Invitational spots, and at this point, with three qualifiers to go, anyone can still make it.

   GameReplays TS4 Ladder Standings   
1stOther DWi30
2ndEurope MSI25
3rdUnitedStates SK20
4thEurope KD15
T-5thSweden Rea10
T-5thPhilippines wuki10
T-7thEurope Infs5
T-7thRussia PhB5
T-7thEurope staC5
T-7thEurope TGO5
T-7thPhilippines DskB5
T-7thBrazil tmRy5
T-7thUnitedStates sGty5
T-7thEurope xQs5

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