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SaSe to travel to GOMTV house

SaSe. Photo by: Fragbite.com

Kim "SaSe" Hammar pulled a 3-1 victory over Johan "Naniwa" Lucchesi in the Rakaka.se tournament 'Road to Korea'. The former WarCraft 3 professional is therefore rewarded an all-expenses paid trip to Korea and a month's stay in the GOMTV provided "foreigner house" in Seoul.

SaSe opted for the 4-warp gate strategy in the first three games to win two. It was in the first game on Tal'Darim Altar that the USA-visiting Dignitas star Naniwa stopped SaSe with dark templar.

Up two to one, SaSe faced a mirror strategy on Shakuras Plateau as both players went proxy double gateway. Only difference was that SaSe stayed on eight probes instead of ten like Naniwa, which allowed SaSe to get his first zealots out quicker. The MeetYourMakers player could them clinch victory after Naniwa failed to send in his first zealot into SaSe's base as it was warped in.

In the post-game interview, SaSe said that he was looking forward to some high-quality training in Korea and that he will be leaving some time this summer.

SaSe might also be rewarded with Code A status for winning the tournament. Tournament organizer Rakaka.se states that "it is up to GSL to decide", but the mere fact it was mentioned makes it highly likely that he will be invited.

The MeetYourMakers player comes from a long professional career in WarCraft 3. He was together with Grubby and ToD one of the most frequent players in Asian tournaments, which swayed the Swedish Night Elf player into moving to China in his prime years.

In StarCraft 2, his most notable achievement is the silver medal at The Gathering back in April.

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